Trust People.

So a little over week has gone by and things are still moving albeit slightly slower than I’d hoped.

I started this entry on my trusty old Samsung Apollo but after today I’ll be updating to a shiny new phone. I haven’t told my Apollo yet I’m just going to try and let it down gently…

In more relevant news my short story collection has a title and I’m already thinking about cover art. Now this is tricky; both title and cover need to be attractive to the reader. We all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but let’s face it most of us do at some point in our literary lives. So I’m getting click happy with the camera and waiting for that bolt of inspiration to strike.

I know I’ve been lucky because I have a whole host of talented people around me so even in those moments when I’m thinking “stuff it that’ll do” I’ll know there’s someone around to guide me if they think I’m making the wrong call. In addition to my wife who has been my reader in residence, sounding board and moral support throughout the process I’ve had the guidance of an extremely talented and attractive young lady (married to my best man) who is a successful and established blogger and who has recently released her own superb short story collection on Amazon (Snapshots of a different normality a snip at 99p).  My brother in law runs his own graphic design consultancy and is also an exceptional illustrator(we’ve been talking about working together for a long time but now more than ever). All have offered help and advice throughout the publication process and their encouragement has kept me motivated when perhaps my spirits have flagged a little. I’d urge you to have a look at their work and I’ve provided the links below for you.

I guess my message this time is simple: there are people close to you who will support you and guide you.  Trust them and listen to them.

As for me I’m almost there, only life keeps getting in the way, so this week I’m unplugging Facebook and switching off twitter. Wish me luck!